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Brown Bear Viewing

Alaska coast brown bear viewing and wildlife flightseeing trips

The Alaska Peninsula is one of the most densely populated Brown Bear habitats in the world. From the time the bears wake up in late spring, they range the beaches to mate, graze on new grasses and dig for clams. There are thousands of streams in the area that make up the spawning grounds for Sockeye Salmon. These Salmon streams are the life blood of the Alaska Peninsula and produce a source of fresh wild salmon for the thousands of Brown Bears that roam the area to gorge themselves on the sockeye run. Throughout the summer and fall many of these areas can be safely accessed by a short flight from King Salmon. Brooks Falls is one of the best known bear viewing areas, along with Moraine Creek, Margot Creek and the McNeil River Sanctuary.

For those of you who are more independent and adventurous, Trygg Air Alaska can customize a trip to provide the bear viewing experience of a lifetime.

Bear Viewing to Brooks Camp
from Anchorage (minimum 4 people)
Bear Viewing to Brooks Camp
from King Salmon (minimum 4 people)

Wildlife Viewing of Alaska Walrus

Huge ivory tusks, a 3,000 pound body and a whiskered face are the immediately recognizable features of the Pacific Walrus, the elephant of Alaska. These huge creatures live in the ocean waters of the Chukchi and Bering Seas of Alaska, but in summer they leave the ice and haul out on the beaches of Cape Seniavin and Cape Grieg on the Bering Sea coast. To visit these remote sites from King Salmon, Trygg Air flies you past ancient dormant volcanoes, over open stretches of rugged, untamed coastline, home of brown bears and a myriad of sea life and birds. A beach landing will provide you the opportunity to view and photograph these magnificent mammals.  This is truly a unique and exceptional experience for all, and also one of the few wildlife tours available for walrus .

Walrus Viewing
from Anchorage (minimum 5 people)

*Price dependent on group size. This can be a customized trip.

Walrus Viewing
from King Salmon (minimum 3 people)

*Less than 3 people, call for rate. Price depending on schedule and availability.

Bird Viewing

The Alaska Peninsula and Becharof National Wildlife Refuge include an immense variety of habitats and is home to more than 200 species of birds. Coastal waters support a variety of seabirds, cliff dependent species, waterfowl and shore birds. The Peninsula is a crossroads for both Pacific and North American migrations. Many species come here to breed and the wetlands, meadows, dwarf shrubs and meandering rivers provide nesting grounds for waterfowl, water birds, cranes, shorebirds, land birds and some raptors. Wildlife viewers benefit from patience, skill, a good pair of binoculars or spotting scope, notebook and bird book. Shorebird abundance on the marine coast is often dictated by tide level and the refuge covers a vast area and few modern conveniences, so birding on the Alaska Peninsula can be challenging because of the difficulty of access. Advance planning is needed especially for targeted species.

Bird Viewing
Call for prices

Sight Seeing Tour

Explorer beautiful and remote Alaska beaches and enjoy a day of beach combing.