Flight Services

Flight Services

Dynamic Air Charters

Charters are available to meet individual needs. We are more than happy to work with clients to produce options that will meet different budgets and timelines. Charters are based on hourly rates for flight time. The logistics of accessing Alaska can be a difficult and challenging. Trygg Air Alaska has the experience and offers dynamic solutions to achieve specific client goals.



Fly out Fishing Trips

King Salmon is the gateway to some of the best sport fishing streams in the world. Trophy rainbow trout and all 5 species of salmon are accessible just minutes from King Salmon.


National Parks and Tours

Day or multi day drop off trips are a great way to experience Alaska. We offer fully customizable trips to Katmai National Park, Lake Clark National Park, Aniakchak National Monument, and the Alaska Peninsula –Becharof wildlife refuges. Contact us to put together a trip of a life time.


Coastal Brown Bear Viewing

bear viewing in alaskaOur bear viewing services are offered in several of Alaska’s National Parks, primarily visiting Katmai, and Lake Clark National Parks. The Alaska Peninsula brown bear population is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Bristol Bay and the Alaska Peninsula have thousands of streams that make up the spawning grounds for the largest run of sockeye salmon in the world. These salmon streams are the life blood of the peninsula and offer a market of fresh salmon for the thousands of hungry bears that roam the area. Dozens of these locations are accessed by air. There are several well-known bear viewing locations just minutes from our dock in King Salmon or a couple hours’ flight from Anchorage. The Famous Brooks Camp is just a 30-minute flight from our dock. Moraine Creek, Margot Creek, and the McNeil River are just a few to mention.

For the more independent and adventurous types Trygg Air Alaska offers customized bear viewing trips that can take you off the beaten path and offer the experience of a lifetime.


Pacific Walrus Viewing

Walrus wildlife viewing in Alaska 1000Pacific Walrus is one of the largest fin mammals in the world with a large male weighing in at more than 4,000 pounds and measuring up to 16 feet long! These impressive animals haul out at several locations in the Bering and Chuckchi Seas. Cape Seniavin is one of these locations which is a one and half to two-hour scenic flight south from King Salmon. During this incredible flight down the Bering Sea coast you will see ancient volcanoes and open stretches of the rugged untamed coast line seeing bears and numerous sea life.

Trygg Air Alaska offers day trips from King Salmon and Anchorage.

We also offer Bird Viewing, Back-country Skiing and Scientific Survey charters. Please contact us at (907) 350-8675 for more information.