Flightseeing Tours

Custom Flightseeing Tours

Flightseeing Tours

Flightseeing tours are available to meet you individual needs. We are happy to work with clients to provide options for your timeline and budget. Flightseeing tours are based on the hourly rate for the specific aircraft and the time of the flight. The logistics of accessing areas in Alaska can be difficult and challenging, so please allow Trygg Air an opportunity to use their experience to assist you in planning your flight. Everywhere you travel in Alaska, the terrain can be breathtaking so regard all flights as “Scenic Flights”. Combining your interests to allow for sightseeing, wildlife viewing, fishing, and bird watching is possible so as to maximize your experience of Alaska.

Current 2016 Charter Rates *Based on duration of the flight and current fuel rates.

See Iditarod with Trygg Air

From Anchorage on the 185
From Anchorage on the Beaver
From King Salmon on the 185
From King Salmon on the Beaver
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